With so many exciting new releases battling for gamers’ attention, let’s take a look at how the top gaming companies have been advertising from the beginning of December through the end of the year. ASL tells you how long people play on average, and it’s another important KPI for developers. Day 7 retention for the top 2% of games peaked in the first two months of 2020 – 17.31% in January and 17.39% in February.

raid: shadow legends advertising budget

Here is a bonus tip for advertising mobile RPGs from Kaspar Tiri, Named Forbes 30 Under 30, a co-founder of a company called Wolf3D. Different stylistic and design choices have different effects in different markets. The appeal of certain design elements and color schemes varies across cultures and countries. The purpose of a video ad is to showcase how incredibly good your game is and what makes it better than all other mobile RPGs. No matter how good your mobile RPG is, there’s no way of getting to the top charts without a smart advertising campaign. Since this is a highly competitive market, RPG publishers need to put a lot of effort into advertising.

Updated April 25: 53 Top Games In Soft Launch: From Apex Legends Mobile And Everdale To Mighty Doom And Tomb Raider Reloaded

Given that the target audience is educated and informed, their college recruitment strategy does not reflect that. Higher education marketing strategies need to reflect a wide range of demographics. For example, socio-economic status, age, religion, gender and family life, seem intimate to potential student enrollment leads. Our Media Buying Model uses a matrixed approach to systematize best practices for user acquisition campaign development. Any mobile app can leverage a unique combination of distinct UA strategies and campaign parameters to develop a robust testing harness for ongoing mobile campaigns across social platforms, including TikTok.

raid: shadow legends advertising budget

The downloads slipped by nearly a fifth compared to 2020 as nearly all sub-genres excluding three saw installs declining. We map identified creative trends to user motivations within the category to develop and iterate on different concepts. In the model below, each box represents a different ad creative concept and we’ve included a sample set. Our ad concept matrix supports almost 50 creative concepts for productivity apps by pairing eight trends with six user motivations. Following last year’s bump up to a 3-minute limit, TikTok now embraces longer-form content with a 10-minute limit.

Between 10.77% and 14.36% of users made a purchase in the top 2% of role-playing games. For the top 25% of games in the RPG genre, day 1 retention was between 29.24% and 30.61%. User retention statistics tell you the percentage of users that keep playing after a certain period of time . This AFK Arena video ad has a different approach – it’s more like a game trailer.

Since mobile action games can vary in style and difficulty, they can attract different types of mobile gamers. For example, an action game that’s easy to play would be more appealing to casual gamers, while hardcore gamers are most likely to gravitate towards more challenging action games. However, if you’re struggling with creating video ads that actually convert users, you might want to think about outsourcing it.

The Mobile Games Awards 2022

Personalization in e-commerce has been a standard practice to drive traffic for years. Today, we see more and more gaming companies adapting personalization. Especially RPG games, where users come to fulfill their fantasies. The latest achievements in AI and computer vision have unlocked the potential to create personalized game characters based on a selfie.

  • While the demographic data skews to a younger audience, two-thirds of all internet users aged 55 to 64 play video games, and the number continues to climb by the day.
  • Can be used in an interactive marketing plan or to drive user engagement.
  • There are several ones in development and few of them have launched.
  • You’ll be happy to hear that mobile role-playing games have the highest ARPPU out of all mobile game genres.
  • By now you’re probably understanding that team alignment across every department is key to a successful integrated video game marketing campaign that lasts.

Like Riot Games, Aristocrat spent the lion’s share of its budget on desktop video ads (86%), with most of the remaining spend on desktop display ads (12%). Looking at impression share, though, impressions were https://globalcloudteam.com/ split fairly evenly between video (52%) and display (47%). Overall, 96% of Aristocrat’s ads appeared on YouTube, which is not surprising given the publisher’s apparent investment in YouTube sponsorships.

The Top 50 Mobile Game Makers Of 2021

Day 1 retention for the top 25% of action games peaked at 29.06% in April – most likely due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic. The mega-popular Supercell action game, Brawl Stars, has been downloaded more than 100,000,000 times just on Google Play. It’s famous for its fast-paced 3v3 battles and the ability to play against players from all over the globe. However, AppLovin, ironSource, and Unity Ads are also among the top ad networks for advertising mobile games, according to AppsFlyer Performance Index. Its App Campaigns are highly effective for mobile game user acquisition.

raid: shadow legends advertising budget

In other words, you could place Call of Duty Mobile under Battle Royale genre, which would radically reduce the size of TPS/FPS games. IDFA is wreaking havoc across the 4X games, which rely purely on whale monetization. Limited targeting combined with misleading ads and sky-high CPIs is a toxic combination.

Average Session Length Statistics For Action Mobile Games

Let’s discuss how you can plan and execute an integrated gaming marketing campaign. Dark posts are paid Facebook and Instagram ads that don’t show up on influencer feeds; instead, they appear as ads to audiences you specifically want to target. Basically, influencer dark posts are so effective for brands because they allow you to optimize influencer content across target audiences. raid: shadow legends advertising budget As we mentioned earlier, organic posts are not necessarily as effective as they once were, and dark posts offer you a great alternative to generate positive results. Influencer content whitelisting represents a great way to integrate paid media with influencer marketing, particularly given the continued decline of organic reach on influencer posts across platforms.

Raid’s heavy focus on influencer marketing has coincided with a PR buzz, with news such as a partnership with esports organization NAVI. Influencer content whitelisting practically means an influencer granting the brand advertising permissions to their social media accounts. Essentially, the brand gets permission to use an influencer’s social handles, content, and audience targeting, unlocking a new media and acquisition channel. According to research from Gartner, campaigns integrating four or more digital channels outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300%.

It was a Battle Royale game for those who simply didn’t have the high-end device to play one. Free Fire Max offers the same game with better graphics and thus in theory caters to a new audience in Tier 1 countries. The original Tier 3 player base has now better hardware and is at risk, in theory, to move to higher production value games. There are so many great battle royale games you’ve never even heard of.

The Raid Shadow Legends team was looking to scale the marketing efforts and expand UA channels while retaining positive ROI. EA advertised a variety of games in its top creatives, including The Sims, Apex Legends, Battlefield, and FIFA Soccer. ARPDAU tells us what is the average revenue generated from an average active user. Nurture the community around your board game and encourage user-generated content. We’re introduced to Lesley – a badass female character that demands attention.

Mobile App Trends 2022: A Global Benchmark Of App Performance

TurkishStation released a documentary about the journey of Turkish mobile game industry. Besides working with influencers with audiences specifically interested in mobile gaming, Plarium has also been working with more mainstream influencers like David Dobrik and Logan Paul. Notably, Plarium has been focusing heavily on influencer marketing, something we haven’t seen before in a similar fashion with an RPG mobile title. To me this sounds like any other trash mobile game, it looks like it has the same monitization systems. But sh’t, have you seen the freaking marketing on this, like what the hell.

Launching a sequel provided a massive permanent boost to downloads. Please keep in mind that most games declined in H2 as IDFA was being enforced on iOS. Launching a sequel of a top Battle Royale title with improved production values has also proven to be less than a successful endeavor as both Free Fire and PUBG have noticed. Scopely’s Star Trek Fleet Command is the only 4X game from a Western developer with a spot in the top 10. The game represents fantastic IP integration and true product innovation. It is by far one of the most accessible games in the genre – if not the most.

This ad appeals to users seeking fast-paced excitement, competitive social connections, and success. Casual games studio Wooga was seeking compelling ad creative for the soft launch of their first story-driven puzzle match-3 game, Switchcraft. In-game assets had a unique painterly art style but Wooga wanted to bring the story to life with 3D cinematics that combined realism and comic-book aesthetics. Our Creative Studio provides clients with bespoke ad creative driven by Hollywood storytelling and quantitative analysis.

Puzzle Mobile Game Advertising In 2022: Ad Examples And Statistics

Our proprietary full-stack marketing platform AdRules provides real-time business intelligence and creative research from 3.5 million video ads across social channels. As creator ecosystems have evolved, marketers are setting aside budgets for influencer marketing campaigns that appear authentic, created in the same style as unpaid, organic content. By 2021, the UGC market reached $3.58 billion globally, with an expected CAGR of 26.6% from 2021 to 2028, amounting to a staggering $18.65 billion by the end of the period. Enterprise claims 64% of this market, while individuals account for the remaining 36%. Audio and video content generated the most revenue at 32% of the total share.

“The video game industry is a significant beneficiary of the free time some consumers now have during the pandemic,” Todd Krizelman, CEO and co-founder of MediaRadar, said. Many students look for options abroad, like Canada or Spain, to gain knowledge and/or experience that they can then bring back to Mexico. Below, we’ve outlined high-level motivational triggers for a health app user. The included motivations are specific to the mobile app healthcare model itself, not a specialized healthcare category. From telehealth access to medicine delivery, healthcare apps have transformed how we receive healthcare services. While different healthcare apps focus on specific user needs, such as mental health or prescriptions, there are universal user motivations for healthcare apps that drive their appeal among consumers broadly.


Working with us, night owls and early birds all have a chance to thrive. And everyone benefits from working with people from different cultures and different perspectives. As advertising ecosystems increase Paid Search automation, Responsive Search Ads are a critical capability to drive higher performance. Read our blog post to hear firsthand from our animation team in Mexico, and learn why we keep actively pursuing international talent, year after year. An anime-style RPG like Genshin Impact naturally lends itself to visually arresting, dramatic cinematic trailers.

This leads to both higher user retention and monetization since meaningful progress can only be seen after having played for an extended period of time. Savvy in current mobile game trends, miHoYo takes a simplified approach to monetize its free-to-play game. The game caters to both small and large spenders alike, offering few but enticing options that cleverly blend with the game’s progression system. Genshin Impact’s core monetization mechanic is through the Japanese-inspired gacha, a random lottery where players spend virtual currency for a small chance at getting desired characters, weapons, and gear.

Free Fire (-11%), PUBG Mobile (-25%), Call of Duty (-38%) Fortnite (💀). In case you’re wondering, July 21’ was the launch of PUBG India that replaced the banned Tencent version. Card Battlers continue to grow every year, with no exception in 2021.

Mighty Party, Magic The Gathering Arena, and Yu-gi-oh Duel links contributed to revenue growth. On the other hand, Hearthstones’ revenues fell by 16% and currently sits in 5th position after many years as the top-grossing game. Open World Adventure is a newborn sub-genre that grew by 622% this year. Genshin Impact is the primary driver of growth, and in fact, the game solely represents the sub-genre and has more than 95% market share. After going mad from all the ads I decided to give it a go, it’s decent enough, a ton of pop ups for the store in-game though.

The publisher has many Puzzle RPG and ARPG games with above $10M yearly run-rate. Though one could argue that these games could equally fit the 4X genre due to their empire-building metagame. And after reading our 4X analysis you already know that Chinese developers don’t miss in the 4X genre. Squad and RPGs are by far the largest ones outside key China, Japan, and Korea. The high revenue of MMORPGs you see in the taxonomy is primarily because we didn’t exclude Taiwan from the data pull.

Angry Birds Is The Most Popular Mobile Game In The Us, According To Search Volumes

Start ‘rewarding’ the user immediately, whether it’s with a practice level that is over-simplified and easy to beat or free tokens for completing the tutorial or registering their email address. Here are some tips from Aaron Smith from Ilyon®, a free-to-play games developer. The same happened with the median 50% of RPGs – day 7 retention was the highest in January – 3.6%. Granted, if you’re an indie developer or a small game studio, that level of production is probably unattainable. The key is to design the icon in a way that’s unique, but still in line with current RPG trends.

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