Research has shown that watching TV and social media usage is not mutual exclusive. Consumers prefer using social media while they watch TV. Many discuss what they are watching and this conversation continues long after the TV program ends.

Media industry players and TV-focused marketers have realized they could tap in on this new consumer habit. The idea is not to compete with social media but to use it so that the televised shows events and ad campaigns win more audience and audience participation.

In a new report from BI intelligence Business, insider defines what social media is analyzing the most important social media trends examines the audience for social advertisers to rethink their strategies and looks how data vendors are slicing and dicing all that tv linked and chatter.

What matter most is to reach your audience with the best strategies of marketing your brands. Below are the basic tools on how to social media can help you improve your brands.

  1.  Set objectives that will address your biggest need

You will require to figure out what you want social media to do for you. whether it is to create awareness or to maintain relevance in the market.

  • Research your audience

This can be done by using social media analytical tools. The tool will help you analyze the demographic data, the information is key to your brand since it help you know how to package your message.

  • Bench-mark with your competitors

It’s important to know what your competitors are doing and what strategies they have on board. This might require you to use analysis tool. This can help you attain your competitive edge.

  •  Create an engaging social content

You should have a perfect idea of what you should publish the content should revolve around building the perfect image of your brand. You must be creative and pick caption to balance between promotion and personality.

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